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Dacca Map The birth place of Nilacharya (Dacca Bikrampur)
Khoni Theke Moni - excerpt from NAKSHATRA

I still remember the day I was deputed from my company to visit Esbee Associates, a Survey Engineering Organization and in particular their CEO Mr. Sunil Koomar Bhattacherjee with the objective of developing their web site. I could not recognise the DMU’s chamber, as it was more of a study embedded with the unique feelings of an artist with a computer and an equally enthralling library.

I found him to be a poet having several published books to his credit. By that time, NILAVA SWARNA was just published. Knowing my interests for poems and art, I was privileged with a gift of this book.

I was thrilled. I read his poems and also comments of a few well known poets, editors and critics. It was captivating and a pleasure. 

I read his books of collection of poems and short stories too. Some of the poems were tuned and sung by quite a few 

eminent artists and a CD was released by the name Haoar Range Rang Bhese Jai.

A good number of his poems were recited, a few in the form of collage, by renowned individual and group performers and a CD was released to this effect called Bhalo Basar Nile Nidre by CHHANDAK, a recital organisation of repute.

His love for photography and aquarium - a 4’6” one with huge sharks, attracted me, as I am supposed to be one of the very few knowledgeable people in this subject in Kolkata.

His eye catching roof top garden, especially cactus table top rock gardens, may be a matter of envy to many a garden lovers.

Associated with social work and has been honoured with Hon’ membership of SEVA, NGO.

A propagater of Euthanasia, participated in seminars, IIT( Kharagpur), and debates on the subject including Garma-garam programme of Akash Bangla, 24 Ghanta and NDTV.

He has also participated in Kavita Jakan Abritti of DD-Bangla programme in number of episodes

Well, this is all his love. Professionally he is a qualified Mine Survey Engineer with his recognised past and present contributions to the development of remarkable projects all over the country, Photogrammetric mapping & Geodetic Order Network of Jharia Coal Field. He also taught Surveying in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (deemed University) and Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindhri, as a Guest Faculty.

All his past and present professional activities can be found in his company’s web site His other qualitative faculties were enormous and attracted me no less.

Apart from official business relation, I started knowing the person within, gradually, by reading his books, a dozen books as of now, which ultimately reached the very depth of my heart and many I know.

He is also a wonderful person to be with, highly intelligent and with a wonderful sense of humour. I was amazed with his rare human values and finer qualities. This total man commanded love and respect…… I was enchanted. 

These initiated me to utilise my expertise and launch, to make him known as a person he is and his works.


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