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Tomar gaane aami jagi Dipannita Sen Uphonic; CD, Rs 50

A bouquet of 10 Rabindrasangeet by Dipannita Sen. Dipannita does a fairly good job and puts in effort. The sound though wasn’t crisp and it came off quite muffled, possibly because of the recording. Some of the songs in the album are Aami kaan pete roi, Din abashan holo, Pothe chole jete jete, Tomaye notun kore pabo bole among others. The choice of songs are good.

Madhuparna Das

Hawar range rang bheshe jaye Various Golden Voice; CD Rs 80

This is a collection of poems by Nilacharya, put to music by several people and sung by them and some others.
taranga Uma Mukhopadhyay Uphonic; CD Rs 40

A good collection of Tagore songs that covers the gamut of emotions from devotion, love, beauty, joy, melancholy.... Uma does well with Tori amar hothat, Onek diyechho nath, Jabar bela shesh kotha. The accompaniments are well orchestrated.

Anasuya Basu


Ashok Da

Dear Dipankar,

I am sorry for being late in responding to your friendly letter dated April 11th.

I am fortunate I know Sooneel since 1954. He was very prominent among at least 25000 students. He made a deep impression on me with his mistique attitude. He got many diamonds while he was working in dark mines. He is bordering a myth and mystic.

Man of many work, talks little but composes poetry and dream.

An Epitome of reverence, askance, and service. You have said Sooneel is a qualified Mine Survey Engineer, nay he is much more, he survey's mind and engines the future.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,



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