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I still remember the day I visited Esbee Associates, a Survey Engineering Organization and in particular their CEO Mr. Sunil Koomar Bhattacherjee, a Survey Engineer with Post Graduation from Indian School of Mines. Mr. Bhattacherjee’s room was more of a study embedded with the unique feelings of an artist with a computer and an equally enthralling library.

A poet by the pen name Nilacharya having published several books had at that time come out with ‘NILAVA SWARNA’, a selection of poetry from his earlier 5 books. It was captivating and a pleasure.

Since then he has written a number of books of poems and short stories. Two CDs of his poems tuned by renowned composers, including Abhijit Bandopadhyay, had been released. His 3rd CD 'Ghungur Beje Jai' was his own composition, a beautiful piece past compare.

A dazzling experience awaited me when I visited him this time. Digital creativity with photo collages, a digital art concept by Nilacharya named LENSKOLAZART by him. An unique concept of digital art with collages of photos, unseen and where he may be the pioneer!

I really don't know how I should ventilate the news of this new concept of LENSKOLAZART to the Art Circle and attract Art-critics.

Beautiful, expressive, enthralling and enigmatic – that’s how I could probably express LENSKOLAZART.

Dipankar Ghosh

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